Music Felon’s SXSW 2017 Top 20


We handpicked a list of artists after listening to all the performing acts at SXSW 2017 on Spotify and made a Best of SXSW 2017 playlist. Then we selected the top acts with relatively small followings and created Music Felon’s SXSW 2017 Top 20 Playlist.

These artists are the crux of what the SXSW is all about for us. Discovering new, exciting bands is the opportunity the festival provides music aficionados like us. If you share our enthusiasm for an act in the list, show these performers your support by attending their showcases and event performances.  Don’t forget to share on social when you find artists you like. While the world is watching, join us in supporting up and coming acts.

In no particular order, the artists and playlists are below:

IDLES (Bristol, UK) pure angst ridden UK punk. Official SXSW Schedule

FRENSHIP (LA, USA) is a synth pop duo by definition, but they prove to be more than that, topping their class with full sounding synth drum tracks that keep one enthralled as the vocals coalesce in the effortless marriage of melody and harmony. Official SXSW Schedule

Buggsy (Bristol, UK) has bars that blaze stupid fast but also has a critical understanding that a masterful control of pacing serves the song four fold refreshingly with grimey real life content. Official SXSW Schedule

Weaves (Toronto, ON) takes you on the best kind of cerebral and sonic roller coaster with their eclectic music that commands you to listen. Official SXSW Schedule

Odetta Hartman (New York, NY) beautiful vocals and banjo laden tracks create an original sound from this up and coming artist. Official SXSW Schedule

Sam Lao (Dallas, TX) the inspirational and excellent rapper/singer brings the powerful beats and bars that gets your ass moving while prodding your brain from slumber. Official SXSW Schedule

TINNAROSE (Austin, TX) channel the past to create perfect fresh folk/rock tunes punctuated with masterful vocals peppered with vibrato. Official SXSW Schedule

Alice Jemima, (Exeter, U.K.) is a sensational singer-songwriter that crafts multi-layered heavenly pop jems that you instantly lose yourself in. Official SXSW Schedule

AIRWAYS (Peterborough, UK) is a incredible 4 piece indie rock band that is on the cusp of superstardom. Official SXSW Schedule

Gabriel Royal (New York, NY) is a super talented cellist creating unique, beautiful baroque pop infused with soul and R&B. Official SXSW Schedule

Yoke Lore (Brooklyn, NY) produces extraordinary chill, modern, pop earworms with a tinge of banjo and vocals on vocals on vocals. Official SXSW Schedule

Sammus, (Ithaca, NY)  an extraordinary rap artist that defies genre, dropping bars that range from thoughtfully introspective to esoteric gamer references. Official SXSW Schedule

Calliope Musicals, (Austin, TX) psych-folk rockers bring the party with audience participation, confetti cannons, and the most uplifting vibes to rejuvenate the soul. Official SXSW Schedule

The Wild Now (Austin, TX) is a phenomenal 5 piece band that creates chill indie rock with soulful vocals, dreamy/surf rock guitar riffs and a dab of trumpet. Official SXSW Schedule

JAIN, (Paris, France) the up and coming pop superstar crafts catchy uplifting afropop songs that you will fall in love with instantly. Official SXSW Schedule

Tunde Olaniran, (Flint, MI) rapper, artist, and social advocate creates beautifully schizophrenic pop songs with his four octave vocal range and crafty production skills. Official SXSW Schedule

QUIX (Auckland, New Zealand) consistently fabricates amazing trap EDM that is simple and wildly entertaining, just the right stuff for the party. Official SXSW Schedule

Matt Maeson (Virginia Beach, VA) delivers raw and emotive vocals over an alternative sound, tinged with an americana sound. Official SXSW Schedule

MC Frontalot (Brooklyn, NY) is nerdcore royalty, rhyming about subjects from IT problems to old folklore with a very distinctive cadence and sound. Official SXSW Schedule

L.A. Salami (London, UK) is a master of his craft, slinkily spinning stories while finger picking folk diddies on the guitar, painting moving pictures with our ears as the canvas. Official SXSW Schedule

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