MC Frontalot – SXSW 2017 Top 20


Photo credit: Sabelo Narasimhan

MC Frontalot (Brooklyn, NY) is nerdcore royalty, rhyming about subjects from IT problems to old folklore with a very distinctive cadence and sound.

From his FAQ: Q: Who is MC Frontalot, and what is nerdcore hip-hop?
A: Front’s just this middle-aged nerd who spends a lot of time peering into his computron. He used the term ‘nerdcore hip-hop’ to describe his home-recording rap hobby (through a song of the same name) in 2000. Later, with the help of his live band, he morphed the hobby into a surprisingly sustainable music career. Now he’s been doing it full-time for about ten years, and a vast roster of other dorky rappers have seen fit to join the subgenre. Some of them are considerably better at it than he is! Check them out.

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