Buggsy – SXSW 2017 Top 20


Buggsy (Bristol, UK) has bars that blaze stupid fast but also has a critical understanding that a masterful control of pacing serves the song four fold refreshingly with grimey real life content.

Bio: Buggsy, The fast spitting Rasta emcee from the district of St.pauls in Bristol, UK. Not shy of entertaining crowds down to his poetic also african drumming based background.

First came to the Airwaves in 2005, On Rodney P and Skitz’s 1Xtra show with a smashing track produced by drum and bass legend Dj Die, Followed up by another smasher ‘Nail Biters’ Produced by Dj First Aid. Both tracks displayed crazy flows with loads of clarity which caught many peoples ears and they wanted more.

He went on to do tracks with L.man, Harry Shotta and even 1Xtra specials. One night performing he met North London’s Skinnyman who took to his fast flows and brought him on his UK ‘Smoking Ban Tour’

That year (2007) Buggsy also performed at Glastonbury and Glade festival and towards the end of the year there was alot of attention on him and he was being told left right and centre he needed to release something.

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