Heart Byrne, 8/12/2017, Mohawk, Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written and photos by Craig McGreggor


It is no small, swift task covering and representing such an iconic group as the Talking Heads.  Heart Byrne, Austin’s local tribute to the aforementioned 70s and 80s art, punk, rock-everything group excels exceedingly at that. Fans were treated to a double set of music from a career spanning catalog of Talking Head’s music which included some solo work from TH frontman David Byrne. The energy, chemistry and poise of Heart Byrne is evident by watching the audience dance and groove effortlessly through midnight. Whether a diehard fan or just a passer by exploring some new beats and melodies, Austin truly has a gem of a crew in Heart Byrne. It is no surprise that Austin Monthly named Heart Byrne “Band of the Month” for August. See them again celebrate the 38th anniversary of Talking Head’s Armadillo World HQ performance at Threadgill’s South on September 15th.. Tickets