TINNAROSE, 10/14/2016, Barracuda Austin, Photos – Write-up


TINNAROSE delivered excellence twice yesterday. First, we woke up to their 2nd album “My Pleasure Has Returned” and it has been on repeat since.  They channeled the past (The Who, Jefferson Airplane), mixed in some new sounds and create mind blowing music!

Secondly, TINNAROSE performed for their album release show and they pulled out all the stops.  Eight members and two drum kits filled the stage of Barracuda.  There was a wall of sound –each instrument distinct, creating excitingly new yet vaguely familiar music.  Adding to this, Devon’s vocal’s rang true and so powerful.  TINNAROSE shut down the set with an encore, preforming a favorite off “My Pleasure Has Returned”, Cherry Blossom Time (those harmonies)!  For a spiritual renewal get to one of their concerts ASAP!