The Front Bottoms, 11/16/2017, Emo’s, Austin, Photos – Write-up

New Jersey’s own The Front Bottoms never cease to impress.  This stop in Austin, touring their exceptional new album Going Grey, was no different.  They hit the stage hard with the new single You Used to Say (Holy Fuck) and the crowd dug it, with some displaying their excitement by crowd surfing their way to getting pulled down by venue security.  Others were happy to sing along and enthusiastically raised the peace sign and middle finger for the song Peace Sign.
Breaking from the norm, they ended with Twin Size mattress before the encore.   During the break, Austin local/TFB’s producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith came out to share his thoughts on TFB.  Speaking about the music industry and the uniqueness of the band, he had the crowd repeat, “Say fuck no to sucking Satan’s cock and say yes to individuality.” The Front Bottoms embody that statement, growing from a two-piece band to the full band we see now.  They continue to create brilliant new music that bucks the status quo.  Finishing the set with an encore of Backflip and Ocean, they completely satisfied.


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