Cowboy Mouth, 1/14/16, Parish, Austin, Photos – Write-up


Guest writer GypsyShelly

Like the classic pick-up line boasts, “Remember my name, you’ll be screaming it later,” Cowboy Mouth is unforgettable and knows how to show you a good time!

Battling walking pneumonia and fighting a fever did not deter band drummer and lead singer, Fred LeBlanc, from whipping his faithful fans into a fevered frenzy all their own.

Sitting barefoot upon his throne, grinning maniacally from ear to ear with sticks in hand and a challenge on his lips, Fred began to shout: “The Name of the Band Is?” With eyebrows cocked and eager anticipation dancing in his eyes he took quick command of the crowd, compelling them closer to the stage, and challenging everyone to live in the moment, stating: “Tonight, leave it all outside, because all that matters is what’s happening right here, right now!”

Once under Fred’s influence, the bewitched crowd began chanting the band’s name and begging for more. The band was eager to please, playing a mixture of fan favorites and skillfully selected cover songs. The audience was able to “Let it Go” unplugging from the outside world, to connect with each other and to lose themselves in the pure power of the music. When it was time for the last song, the band exploded into “Jenny Says” with the passion and fervor that uniquely belongs to a “Cowboy Mouth”

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