Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, 4/22/2016, Stubb’s Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written by GypsyShelly

The band began to warm up as a roadie strategically placed towels around the stage for “The Night Sweats.” Suddenly, Nathaniel Rateliff came bounding in from backstage, grabbing his guitar, waving as he ran and the crowd went wild! Drawn like moths to the dazzling shine of the saxophone and trumpet, the eager gathering surged forward to witness the soul-soothing fusion of folk, indie and jazz enhanced by the character, charisma and conviction that is Nathaniel Rateliff!

Barely breathing between songs, the band jammed and grooved non-stop, drifting dreamily from note to note. Their sound amplified by the tambourine shakin’, hand clappin’, knee-slappin’, porch stompin’ perfection that kept the crowd movin’ and dancin’ all night. Nathaniel’s rich voice rhythmically repeated the words written from his heart, translated into musical poetry that transported the audience on a musical journey throughout the evening. The energy was palpable as Nathaniel sang his heart out. He saved a moment of silence near the end for Prince who passed away earlier in the day and finished the concert strong with a fierce and fiery finale that left the audience exhilarated and awe struck.