King Mez – SXSW 2016 Top 20


King Mez’s bars are tight and sharp, the production and music blend beautifully with raw lyrics.

From his biography: Ambitiously battling to emerge as a respected lyricist and producer from Raleigh, North Carolina, 25 year old King Mez has managed to differentiate himself with a righteous delivery unsullied with superficial content too familiar these days in popular music. Instead, the young emcee brings to the table a flow far more personal, executed with a demeanor that demonstrates he deserves every ounce of respect he’s ever received.  From collaborating with hip-hop heavy hitters like Dr.Dre, J.Cole, Ski Beatz, Rico Beats, Omen, Soundtrakk, to his features with XXL, SiriusXM, MTV, Spin Magazine, Life + Times, NBC,  the New York Times, and more… King Mez has built a steady and supportive network around him while honing his skills and staying true to his unique sound. With three incredibly solid mixtape releases under his belt (The King’s Khrysis 2011, My Everlasting Zeal 2012), and his most recent project titled “Long Live The King II”, and now being a huge contributor (as both an artist and writer) to Dr.Dre’s final project, “Compton”, Mez is steadily marching the path paved by his NC forefathers, with no signs of stopping where the sidewalk ends.

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