Ice Cream, Best of Austin’s Spring Festival 2016 Interview


We interviewed one one of the unofficial SXSW bands, Ice Cream.  Be sure to catch them as many times as possible during SXSW.

Ice Cream Official Website

Do you have an “elevator pitch” on why SXSWsters should check out Ice Cream?
Everyone tells us not to hedge our bets on “blowing up at SXSW” and we hear you, but also, we’re going to go nuclear at SXSW. Kanye is already sampling our next single “Seventeen” and it ain’t even out yet. Also, if you secretly want to get your acting career off the ground, you should come to our shows since (A) we’ll be filming live video of our shows for music videos and (B) that footage may or may not be stolen by @thefatjewish on instagram. Brush your teeth, kids.
How long have y’all been Ice Cream?
2 years and a bit is how long Ice Cream has been around. Bryce came on board last year after we had a bit of a revolving door at bass and then LouLou came on at drums in January. He’s the best. He’s cute and funny and passionate and hardworking. He makes pregnant mothers’ waters’ break.
Do you have any exceptions for this trip to SXSW?

Meat. I think we’re going to try to do an all-vergetarian SX. Then on the last day go to the Salt Lick, order about 1000 pigs grilled to perfection and have a few heartattacks. SXSW: Fin.

Has the band been to Austin before?
This trip will be our Austin virginity and we’re hoping the city also takes our drummer LouLou’s. If someone can hit us up with a good place to busk we’d appreciate it.
Anything you are looking forward to in Austin?
The Salt Lick has been raved to us by friends. Playing a showcase on the rooftop bar cause we’re big roof guys. There’s also this bar we’re playing a showcase at called the Jackalope that looks bizarre and awesome we’re looking forward to going to. Some bar on 6th street with a mechanical bull where apparently the operator is so good he can make your shirt come off whilst still allowing people to hold on. Tearing up at the tech takeover of rainey st.
Did you know Austin has the worlds largest urban bat population?
No but we’re all really big batman fans so hopefully one of us gets traumatized by them, has their parents suffer an untimely death and get stupids rich at sxsw.
Anything else you would like the world to know about Ice Cream?
Austinites! We can’t wait to be inside of you! We have our debut LP coming out this year we’re really excited about it. Hopefully we’ll be coming back later this year when we tour to support it. Also if any of ya’ll need a band to play a house party or something over SXSW hit us up.

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How many instruments do you play? 

I’m not entirely sure, I collect them, and like to treat them as families. Once you have the general coordination for playing a guitar its easier to move to banjo, once you learn the penny whistle, its not hard to move to a clarinet. So a fair few to a greater and lesser extend. 

What do you expect to get from SXSW 2016, besides 10s of thousands of new fans?

 Some time in the desert! 

Have you been to Austin before?

No never.

Any Austin/Texas stereotypes you are looking forward to?

Absolutely, many. I am doing a little bit of travelling on the way and spending some time slowly moving through the desert so some of the emptiness, and backwaters of Texas. But also the Mexican food, I have heard good things. I am a big fan of food!

Any Austin/Texas stereotypes you would like to avoid?

Hmmm. not really as long as I dont get too close, I consider it an anthropological expirience.

Are there some bands that you are hoping to catch at SXSW?

To be completely honest I have not checked the lineup, the only other band that i know are going are Stealing Sheep.