Gin Wigmore, 4/19/2016, Parish, Austin, Photos – Write-Up


Written by Bang Ho

If your eyes weren’t on Gin Wigmore’s captivating New Zealand face when the band took the stage, they were guaranteed to be as soon as her high and raspy disctinct voice started belting. Think British chanteuse Duffy with a lower register singing along with a rockabilly tinged band with furious drums setting the beat. Later in their set, an audience member yelled out asking if they took requests. Gin laughed and stated no, they don’t take requests as she was on stage and had a height advantage. She followed up and stated if she came up on stage, they’d be at the same height and she would consider the request. The band was excited at the request for The Devil In Me, and played it after they swapped out a guitar. It was a treat getting beautiful New Zealand music on a Tuesday.