Dead Prez, 7/30/2017, The Little Darlin’ , Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written and Photos by Bang Ho


Dead Prez played a pop up “secret” show presented by  Music Is On The Menu and the The Little Darlin’ in South Austin last Sunday, with whisperings only a few days out.  The crowd was spread out in the large backyard of the venue, but as soon as Stic and M1 took the stage, the crowd packed the stage area.  Dead Prez stormed the stage and jumped immediately into the classic “Malcolm, Garvey, Huey”; the set was a nonstop perfect juxtaposition of one part eye opening education reminding us that while we are living in 2017, the social issues of minorities and the disparity among the classes are ever present and one part beautiful production.  They ran the gamut from several songs from their first album in 2000 “Let’s Get Free” to their 2012 album “Information Age” with the uplifting song “No Way As The Way.”  Dead Prez are the perfect example of conscious rap that not only delivers positive messages with captivating production in an unpatronizing fashion.