Coast Modern, 10/13/2016, Emo’s Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written By Drew Walker of The Wild Now

After having a few Coast Modern singles on my everyday Spotify playlist for the last couple of months, I was really excited to see this live show. I didn’t know what to expect from this LA based performance, but they definitely brought the energy to Emo’s Thursday night.

The band is fronted by guitar player (Luke Atlas) and vocalist (Coleman Trapp), and they have a really unique, upbeat, reggae/electronic/indie sound that had 99% of the crowd captivated. Their songs were very catchy and at times I was thinking to myself, “damn, this is spicy!”. The samples they use live were a melded collection of various synthesizers, foreign sitar sounding guitar licks, and even some hip hop/electro inspired drum sounds. I can tell these guys have spent a considerable amount of time in the studio crafting their unique sound; it incorporates elements of several genres of music that can appeal to anyone digging into their craft.

Their first single, Hollow Life, was only dropped in 2015, and these guys are already on the train to success, having landed a national tour with The Temper Trap. There are currently only 4 songs available to download or stream on the web, but despite not having a deep catalog, we can all rest assured that these guys will soon be appearing at all of the major festivals.