Birthmark – SXSW 2016 Top 20


Update: Unfortunately, Birthmark was removed from the SXSW schedule.  Hopefully we will be able to catch them on tour.


Birthmark is the exceptional electro pop solo project from Nate Kinsella of Joan of Arc.


From the bio – Under the appellation Birthmark, Nate Kinsella has embraced restraint in spite of the compositional boundlessness typically borne by musical virtuosity. On his debut album The Layer, the inventive and often byzantine drum set/Wurlitzer style he developed over the past four years in the band Make Believe is all but absent, revealing a quiet and uncanny tension of minimalist focus. And while Kinsella performed all of the music on The Layer, recalling his multi-instrumental duties in the band Joan of Arc, the listener is more awestruck by the attention to integration and score than by a whirlwind of prowess.

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