AudioDamn!, 5/1/2016, Parish, Austin, Photos – Write-Up


AudioDamn! put on  killer show in Austin opening for Highly Suspect!  The three piece, Germany\Austrian band enthralled the crowd with their genre bending music.  Combining R&B, soul, rock and pop they have made some of the most fun rock music around today.   Comprised of singer/guitarist Oliver “Oli” Wimmer, guitarist Ali Grumeth, and drummer Daniel “Mudi” Mudrack the crowd was putty in their hands, dancing and singing along to song they had just heard for the first time.  Towards the end of the set they covered “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix, that sent the crowd to the next level of elation.  AudioDamn! is a band that sounds great when listening at home and live they turn it up to eleven!  Do not pass up a chance to see them.