Wild Child, 11/17/2017, Scoot Inn, Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written by Craig McGreggor


Wild Child and Austin go hand in hand like a bowl of queso and “Why yes, I would love more queso.” One can never have enough of these local darlings who call this city their beloved home. For me, this may have been my eighth W.C. show. As a testament to how beloved and encapturing this group is to the community, their fans packed in the timeless Scoot Inn even after performing there only one month prior. Songs off the setlist included romantic-anthem “Fools,” toe-tapping single “Runaround,” beautiful, somber “Pillow Talk,” whistle-a-long “Crazy Bird,” the hilarious bickering of “Someone Else” and one of my personal favorites “Tale of You & Me.” The group treated us to a couple of new songs, “Expectations” & “Think It Over,” off their upcoming 4th studio album, Expectations, set to drop in February off Dualtone Records. While Wild Child is never too far from another hometown show, their popularity has been steadily climbing with performances on syndicated NPR shows, Last Call with Carson Daly, leading to full US & European Tours. They have perfected the ability to create upbeat, charming, bubbly folk-pop music while lyrically discussing stories of broken hearts, revenge, and regret with laser precision. Lookout for Expectations in February!

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