The Wild Now, 4/14/2016, Stubb’s, Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written by GypsyShelly

The Wild Now has discovered the recipe for success, combining the dynamic determination of two inspired and ambitious musicians and infusing their sound with all of the crucial ingredients to achieve musical excellence and stand out in a crowd.

Similar to the decadent birthday cake brought on stage to celebrate lead guitarist Drew Walker’s birthday and corresponding EP release at Stubb’s; “The Wild Now” has a smooth, buttery and deliciously distinct sound that tempts you with each savory note as you devour their songs and become ravenous to hear more! Drew expertly blends creamy chords, raging riffs, and creative effects to channel his talent and passion for music through his guitar (at one point even picking up and playing a trumpet with one hand while still holding his guitar with the other-flawless and without hesitation) pouring his heart and soul into each song. Effortlessly merging with this music is the soft soothing voice of lead singer Taylor Baker. More than just a songsmith, she is art in motion! Swaying in unison with the music, guitar in hand, twinkling eyes focused on the memorized crowd she draws them in closer. Her warm shy smile dances slyly as she sings, concealing the passionate powerhouse waiting to strike cobra-quick once everyone is fully entranced. As the music builds up quickly, Taylor’s powerful voice finally comes crashing through the crowd with wild enthusiasm engulfing everyone in a wave of excitement!

The Wild Now plays with a passion and precision that fuse together creating the perfect blend of their hearts and souls set to music! They have the unique ability to intoxicate the audience by relaxing them and rocking their socks off simultaneously! This band is becoming an unstoppable force so get your hands on the newly released EP, Tide and let yourself go Wild Now!!