Tegan and Sara, 9/217/2016, Stubb’s Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written and photos by Bang Ho

The last time I saw Tegan and Sara was at Stubb’s in 2007, almost a decade ago and I had almost forgotten how much fun and special one of their shows are until T & S came out dancing on stage to Le Tigre’s “I’m So Excited” while the band got situated.

What sets the multi instrumentalist twin sisters apart are their ability to not only connect with the audience through funny quips/anecdotes between sets, but their ability to deftly take the audience through a range of emotions through a catalog 20 years in the making. Each song is sung as if a friend were recounting a pivotal event that just happened yesterday; some morose with just the two sisters on stage with no band singing an acoustic song with the lights low –some energetic and celebratory with 80’s synth inspired songs as if it were the first days of summer.