Saint Motel, 10/6/2016, Emo’s Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written by Joe Shaw

Closing out the night and Warming up for their appearance at ACL Festival, with a pretty spectacular and well orchestrated show, was Saint Motel! Emo’s was decked out for this act. From the hanging swimsuit album cover chick to the saintmotelevision photo back drop…I witnessed a couple pretty great pics taken in front of that backdrop…great idea for shows! The horn section really speaks to me; there’s just not enough brass in music these days! Lead Guitarist Aaron Sharp also gave us some sweet solo time during their set, which the crowd enjoyed! A/J Jackson wowed the crowd with standing on the saintmotelevision prop which was front and center. I can only imagine what he must have been feeling looking out over the crowd from that perch. Like the other 2 acts they played a great set, closing the night out with a bang!

What a line up! It was truly a great night at Emo’s! Don’t miss any of these acts when they come to town!

Weathers – Photos – Write-up
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