Saint Motel, 11/4/2017, Mohawk, Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written and Photos by Bang Ho


Saint Motel‘s sold out show at the Mohawk was a perfect intersection of a late night tv performance and live show in every aspect true to their second album’s name, saintmotelevision and tour titled “Late Night with Saint Motel.”  Two fixed audience cameras on stage displayed video on a big projection screen stage left.  Their funk filled pop music that included sax and trumpet had the crowd’s eyes and ears glued to the stage as they played and put on a performance.  Some bands are good about using every inch of the stage; leave singer A/J Jackson took it to another level and was climbing up on stage equipment for a better view of the audience and all over the venue, walking up the stairs to sing amongst the crowd on the balcony and circling back around through the crowded pit in front of the stage.  Saint Motel know how to please and put on a show.