Portugal. The Man, 10/7/2017, Stubb’s, ACL Late Nights, Austin: Photos – Write-up


Written by Bang Ho


Portugal. The Man are an incredibly talented band that rocked the Stubb’s Late Night ACL show.  They kicked off the set three covers of varied genres (Metallica, Pink Floyd, and Oasis later in their set).  While their music can be described anywhere from dance pop to melodic pop to alt rock, they brought the jams for their live shows.  Their recorded albums are technical masterpieces, but for the live show it felt that they were on stage to have a good time and rock out with the guitar and drums getting a little more lime light on the sound engineer’s board.  While they jammed out, John Gourley’s signature voice danced in androgyny perfectly when it hit the falsetto –neither masculine or feminine but pitched precisely.  Austin is spoiled with three chances to catch the band in two weeks.