Stanger Cat, 10/22/2015, Sidewinder, Austin: Photos – Write-up


Guest writer @manvsparty

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Stranger Cat open up for Chad Valley at Sidewinder. Stranger Cat is an electro-pop due from Brooklyn fronted by singer songwriter Cat Martino. Despite the small group, Martino was able to evoke a lot of depth of sound through her use of multiple synthesizers, preprogrammed beats, voice manipulation and a driving tempo from her drummer. Although most would label it indie, you could hear soulful R&B roots in Martino’s voice and sensual rhythms. Through voice manipulation and layering Martino’s songs would gravitate from dark wave to mainstream pop, at times reminding me of artists like Sade or Kate Bush. A soulful cover of “Chandelier” by Sia really showed what Martino could do by transforming the indie dance hit into a ballad. Stranger Cat is well worth your time the next time they come to your town.