Kill the Noise, 10/24/2015, Kingdom, Austin, Photos – Write-up


Guest writer @manvsparty

While many events around town were cancelled due to the storms brought as a result of Hurricane Patricia, you wouldn’t know nearly a foot of rain fell on Austin based on the crowd at Kingdom last night. When I arrived many were still waiting in the rain, trying to get a ticket for Kill the Noise. Rumors that Gorgon City and A-Trak would make an appearance had the crowd extra pumped for the night. Kill the Noise opened his set by playing the opening track off his new album, Occult Classic. The packed in crowd was going crazy when bass dropped on popular new tracks Dolphin on Wheels and I Do Coke. When A-Trak showed up and got into the DJ booth the crowd went absolutely nuts, even the people in the table service area were all standing and dancing. Kill the Noise’s thunderous bass made everyone at Kingdom forget about the thunder right outside.

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