Born Ruffians, 11/10/2015, Sidewinder, Austin, Photos – Write-up


Guest writer GypsyShelly

Conceived in Canada in 2004, these Ruffians were BORN TO ROCK!! Quietly taking the stage at The Sidewinder in Austin, Texas, the Born Ruffians greeted an eager crowd with sly smiles, dark lights and soft chords that quickly erupted into a powerful pulse-pounding performance. Lead singer, Luke Lalonde, belts out his lyrics with such charisma and conviction you can’t escape being drawn into dancing and chanting along with each song! Fan favorite,“We Made It”, encourages listeners that “One day, you’re gonna make it” and to fake it until you do. After experiencing the electricity at this concert, one thing is certain; these guys don’t have to fake anything! The Born Ruffians have not only made it but will continue to rise to the top, so check out this band and get ready for even greater things to come!

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