Photo Album: Ben Folds, 6/15/2015, Stubb’s, Austin, Texas


Ben Folds played to a packed amphitheater at Stubb’s in Austin, 6/16.  Pointing to his set list he let the crowd know that he had “this shit” on the paper but he was going to go with the flow and he did, taking request and playing favorites.  Happy with the place he is, the “douchebag ratio” was low in the crowd and he was surrounded by likeminded people.  During “Brick” the audience was silent, not the norm for concerts these days.  The set took a turn near the end of the set when a shirtless guy decided to rush the stage via the roof of the green room.  He was quickly escorted out and in police custody at the end of the show.  Ben Folds changed the crowd harmony for “Not the Same” from an ah-ah to Roof Man and was grinning ear to ear as he conducted the crowd.  Altogether an awesome evening with Ben Folds!

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Ben Folds Setlist Stubb's Bar-B-Q, Austin, TX, USA 2015