Overcoats and Yoke Lore, 9/22/2017, Antone’s, Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written and photos by Bang Ho


Yoke Lore set the tone of the night as they played songs off the Goodpain EP they just released. A two man piece, Adrian Galvin’s voice was ranged from soft and emotive on songs such as Beige as he played a banjo to more uptempo songs like Goodpain with no banjo backed by a drummer on a hybrid drum set mixed with electronic drum pads. The juxtaposition of classic sounding songs with new age electronic drums/synths kept the set intriguing. On the way out, it wasn’t a surprise overhearing a couple that had driven up from San Antonio at the merch table praising the performance.


Overcoats went on after Yoke Lore, filling the venue with the beautiful layered vocals of Hana and JJ that blended into one harmonic voice that asked you to close your eyes and just listen –unable to differentiate where one voice ends and the other begins. It’s a beautiful mix of slower unrushed vocals that pull you to just be there while the drum/electronic beat are were fast enough to push you to sway methodically if not dance in place. There was no mistaking how their performance drew off of each other, as they sometimes seemingly were singing to each other in their own blissful world as they smiled at each other deep in the song. It takes a special close bond to harmonize on this level, one would be remiss to miss this level of performance.