MF Mabel Interview: Rubblebucket


Annakalmia Traver of the astoundingly fun indie-dance band Rubblebucket sat in a teepee at UTOPiAFest for an interview with Music Felon’s 9-year-old Mabel. Be sure to check out Rubblebucket‘s new EP entitled If U C My Enemies this Friday, January 20, 2017!

MF Mabel: What is your favorite grade?

R Annakalmia: Like in school? A +

MF Mabel: Not grades.

R Annakalmia: A+ duh.  Oh my gosh.  Well, this might take me second.  It’s been a while. Kindergarten was pretty amazing. It all just went downhill from there.

MF Mabel: What do you think of UTOPiAFest?

R Annakalmia: I love it so much and I think it’s really Texas.

MF Mabel: Are you camping or glamping?

R Annakalmia:  We’re just staying at a house.  So, that doesn’t really count.  We’re staying at La Hacienda and there is a river behind it.  I swam in it and it is amazing.

MF Mabel:  Do you like to camp?

R Annakalmia:  I love to camp.

MF Mabel:  I like to camp but I don’t get to do it much.

R Annakalmia:  Are you camping or glamping?

MF Mabel: I’m camping.

R Annakalmia:  I’ve only glamped once.

MF Mabel: What’s your favorite food?

R Annakalmia:  Um, kale.

MF Mabel: Kale? What’s kale?

R Annakalmia:  It’s this big green leaf that you can eat but it’s a broccoli and it’s the leaf of the broccoli.

MF Mabel: What music were you into as a kid?

R Annakalmia:  My parents played us rhapsody (???) and I like a lot of old-time, traditional Irish music. I really liked John Coltrane, jazz and big band music. And then I listened to Ace of Base because they were really popular when I was a kid.

MF Mabel: How’s your tour going?

R Annakalmia:  It’s fun.  One funny thing about is that we are flying almost every day.

MF Mabel: You are!?

R Annakalmia:  Yeah, because we are touring with this band, Lake Street Dive and they have a tour bus. So, they can drive at night but we don’t.  So, we just have to fly to catch up with them. So, it’s fun though.

MF Mabel: Do you have any advice for me that you would have wanted to know as a kid?

R Annakalmia:  I wish that when I was kid, I was less concerned with what people thought of me.  Even though I wasn’t really that concerned about that.  I know that’s a phase you have to go through.  As I got older, I realized that, everyone’s uniqueness is what’s so important to the whole world. What is going to make the world a better place; and it’s better for people to all be different rather than all be the same.  When I was little I might have cared a little too much about how to fit in. Also, my other advice is, children are so connected to playfulness and that is what adults are wanting to get back to.  So, when you’re a kid you have it. That’s all.