Mega Ran, MC Lars, and mc chris, 10/7/2016, Sidewinder Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written by Bang Ho

If you thought Mega Ran was just an opener to be passed over at the nerdcore show, you’d be dead wrong.  Forty minutes before he hit the stage, there was a line outside Sidewinder and inside you’d think the headliner was about to take the stage.  While a lot of rappers have a static style cemented, Mega Ran reminded us on the stage that a flow’s pace that crests and dips masterfully keeps the crowd captivated.

Following up after Mega Ran is not an easy feat, but MC Lars never skipped a beat with his rhymes riveting the crowd.  MC Lars played a bunch of fan favorites, and even brought out int 80 of Dual Core fame to perform Mr. Raven with the whole crowd rapping along.

mc chris is one of the original progenitors of nerdcore rap and even now, he is still proving that he still hasn’t lost his touch or his distinct style on the international Ten Years Touring tour.  He started off with one of his first hits I Want Candy, but stopped the song after a few lines and continued on with his huge discography ranging from Hoodie Ninja to Robotussin.  People come to his shows for the music, but his stories and banter are top notch, hilarious, and really connected with his extremely loyal audience.  At points throughout his show, you might have thought you were at a panel at a Comic Con with people in costume (dressed up for the $500 dollar costume contest) listening intently to mc chris espousing about a theory that C3P0 wasn’t an asshole cockblocking Han and Leia, that perhaps he was programmed by Vader because he knew what Rylo Ken would do.  If you love rap and nerd culture, mc chris delivers at his show.