Marian Hill, 9/17/2016, Parish, Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written by Bang Ho

What do you get when you mix a live production looping maestro, a jazz musician that plays bass and saxophone, and loungy smooth vocals that ranges from slightly slow/husky to high/fast with immaculate ease? The festival killers Marian Hill that have hit just about every (if not every) major festival in the US since they hit SXSW in 2015, that’s who. Jeremy Lloyd set the foundation with a background of synth waves looped with snap tracks commanding you to dance, Samantha Gongol had the sold out crowd entranced with her sultry serenading, a perfect marriage of synth wave and jazz. The band played in front of a beautiful huge backdrop reminiscent of The Great Gatsby movie aesthetic of gold lines with the band’s initials in the middle; Sam danced around stage nonstop and Jeremy was living the beat as he hit the looper/mixer with calculated staccato strokes. The whole show was perfectly punctuated in harmony.