Little Dragon 4/26/2017, Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written and Photos by Bang Ho

Little Dragon put on a spectacular show that was a non stop visual and auditory deluge. Not only did Yukimi Nagano (vocalist of Little Dragon) have three costume changes, each costume was a work of art with individual styles all of their own. Her entrancing vocals soared all over from a low husky whisper up to high breath taking notes as they tied the band’s melodies together. They finished up the show with classic Ritual Union and for the encore, Nagano came out in a beautiful dress that was lit up with LED rope light and a red translucent veil. The whole outfit was very hand Dune/Fifth element/blade runner-esque. It’s refreshing to see a Swedish band fronted by a Japanese/Swedish woman buck stereotypes, showing that electro soul is transcendent of borders.