Jr Jr, 10/6/2016, Emo’s Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written by Joe Shaw

Continued from Weathers – Photos – Write-up

Next up, Jr Jr (Formerly Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr), wowed the crowd and took the energy to the next level! From their Golden Girls inspired sequin outfits (reminding us all to not take ourselves so seriously) to their Summer 2015 single “Gone” we know and love, they rocked the house! The energy that their music and fans produced was one of the best I’ve experienced. The crowd danced and sang along. They played some new unrecorded and unfinished stuff that sounded great as well! Daniel ran out into the very happy crowd and danced with us for half a song at the end of their set!  It was truly a fantastic show. The message felt like awesomeness. I will never a miss another one of their Austin shows!

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