Jeff Rosenstock, 11/2/2016, Mohawk, Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written by Bang Ho

Tired and still recovering from a long Halloween weekend, a raucous Jeff Rosenstock would be the only logical choice for a mid-week Wednesday show.  There was no mistake in telling when the set began, people rushed to the front of the stage as soon as the notes of the first song started; a mosh pit formed and people were instantly possessed by the music’s pop punk power.  If you weren’t in a moshing mood and wanted to dance/jump in place, the moshers were respectful of the natural safe zones behind and to the side of the pit in Mohawk’s inside room.  The only few times the crowd slowed down during the set was when the band switched up gears and played a slow song with the crowd swaying side to side until the next song started.  After playing a bunch of old hits including Nausea, they played 8 songs off of the 17 song new album, Worry that was just released a few weeks ago.  Jeff Rosenstock is the perfect blend of pop punk that leaves you grinning from their infectious charm and melodies.