Ingrid Michaelson, 11/3/2016, Stubb’s Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written and Photos by Bang Ho

Half of Ingrid Michaelson’s heritage is steeped in Sweden, it comes as no surprise as she demonstrated her mastery of pop music throughout a seven album set list at Stubbs. From slower love songs like “You and I” on the sappy side to somber and slow chansons such as Parachute (which she co wrote for English pop star Cheryl Cole), to faster up tempo songs like Girls Chase Boys, the hooks latch onto your soul and remind you what a new love feels like.

While she has an extensive catalogue to choose from, Ingrid loves to have fun with the crowd, covering Radio Head’s Creep and for the second song in the encore, covering Right Said Fred’s I’m Too Sexy. Understanding the crowd will always love to take pictures at shows, towards the end they set up a mock photo shoot on stage, making multiple poses so the crowd could capture some memories. For a feel good light hearted show, Ingrid always delivers.