Everclear, 11/5/2017, Emo’s, Austin: Photos – Write-up

Written by Bang Ho
Everclear certainly embodies 90s rock, but they showed their range at Emo’s last night with songs that ran the gamut between grunge, alt, and pop rock. Regardless of what genre they’re categorized in, the one thing that is certain is that they still know how to rock on their “So Much for the Afterglow” 20th anniversary tour. It was a nostalgia filled night as expected of an album twenty years old, but it was also a special night in that they played “Sunflowers” and “Why I Don’t Believe in God”, which lead singer Art stated were almost never played live. After the song, he took a moment to collect himself in the cathartic release, explaining it was hard a hard song to play. Towards the end of the show, Art and the other guitarist had a dueling shred off that was reminiscent of 80s hair metal guitar solos that wailed at the soul. Proving they’ve honed their craft, Everclear still rock as hard as they did in ’97.