Elle King, 10/23/2016, Stubb’s Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written by Bang Ho

Elle King is not just a musician that keeps the audience grooving, she is also a seasoned entertainer (much like her dad Rob Schneider) that kept the audience hootin’ and hollerin’ throughout the entire show last night with her down to earth anecdotes and jokes. Befitting of her aptly named Ministry tour, halfway through the show she brought a couple out onto the stage and officiated a wedding.

Elle’s sound is best described as an amalgamation of country and pop rock, a special Americana blend of sound: one-part Duffy/Amy Winehouse/Gin Wigmore vocals that hit slightly lower and oscillates between raspy to clear as a just cleaned sliding door with a dash of banjo strings and one-part rolling drums punctuated with the hypnotic rhythms of the floor tom.  Perhaps the best visual of her sound is the juxtaposition of the synthesizer that sat atop the upright piano to her left on stage.  While Elle can rock out effortless pop hits like Exes and Ohs, she is also at home with the Americana sound, as evidenced in her unique take on the Beatles classic Oh Darling.  After paying her dues for years and opening for several huge acts, she is finally headlining a tour of her own.