Diet Cig, 4/28/2016, Emo’s, Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written by Bang Ho

Diet Cig demands unequivocal attention with singer/guitarist Alex’s high kicking across every inch of the stage (including on top of the bass drum) and furious drumming from Noah. Taking breaks to connect with the audience, Alex recounted stories (one involved her accidentally getting a whole band arrested and meeting up with them later at SXSW years later) or throwing a May crown adorned with ribbons into the crowd a la bridal bouquet style. While Diet Cig came to Austin a few months ago at the Parish and then for a slew of shows during SXSW, this show was perhaps *the* perfect stage/venue befitting the presence of these new comers that have quickly become veterans. Many bands are a standard five or four piece, but this dynamite duo proved tonight as they so often do that you can do more with less. They were openers this tour, but they’ll soon be headlining.