Cosmo Sheldrake, SXSW 2016 Top 20 Interview


photo by Oleg Pulemjotov

We interviewed one of our SXSW 2016 Top 20 artists, Cosmo Sheldrake.  Be sure to catch him as many times as possible during SXSW.

How many instruments do you play? 

I’m not entirely sure, I collect them, and like to treat them as families. Once you have the general coordination for playing a guitar its easier to move to banjo, once you learn the penny whistle, its not hard to move to a clarinet. So a fair few to a greater and lesser extend. 

What do you expect to get from SXSW 2016, besides 10s of thousands of new fans?

 Some time in the desert! 

Have you been to Austin before?

No never.

Any Austin/Texas stereotypes you are looking forward to?

Absolutely, many. I am doing a little bit of travelling on the way and spending some time slowly moving through the desert so some of the emptiness, and backwaters of Texas. But also the Mexican food, I have heard good things. I am a big fan of food!

Any Austin/Texas stereotypes you would like to avoid?

Hmmm. not really as long as I dont get too close, I consider it an anthropological expirience.

Are there some bands that you are hoping to catch at SXSW?

To be completely honest I have not checked the lineup, the only other band that i know are going are Stealing Sheep. 

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