BLXPLTN, 7/27/2017, Oskar Blues Brewery, Austin, Photos – Write-up


Austin’s BLXPLTN is one of the best bands performing right now.  The trio is making punk rock that is full of energy, presenting an angst fueled by political and social injustices.  Jeremy Kivett (drums) has joined  TaSzlin Muerte (vocals and electro drums) and Jonathan “Javelin” Horstmann (vocals, guitar, bass and synth) for their upcoming third album.  They hit the stage hard and do not relent until the last note.  The Black Fret audience seemed astonished at the talent they were witnessing.


Their show at Oskar Blues Brewery on Thursday was an early set for local music charity Black Fret, an organization that helps sustain the Austin music scene by awarding grants direct to the artists. Many past award-winners have used the $10,000 grants to fund recording costs. BLXPLTN’s performance melted faces, hopefully securing one of the grants Black Fret will award later this year.