Blue October, 11/18/2017, Stubb’s, Austin, Photos – Write-up


Written by Steve Benham Photos by Bang Ho


I had the privilege of seeing the Blue October concert at Stubbs in Austin on Saturday, November the 18th. This was the first time I have caught a Blue October performance in over 10 years, and they did not disappoint… not for one second.

I have been a Blue October fan since the beginning, seeing them play shows back in the mid 90s at little bars in Dallas. It was amazing to see that they still create the same excitement.

It didn’t surprise me at all to see that the energetic stage presence of Justin Furstenfeld hasn’t faded. He still has the ability to engage his fans and work every inch of the stage as the crowd sang along to the more mellow songs such as “Heart go Bang” to the edgier “Houston Heights”. I was so stoked to finally hear “Home” performed live and of course songs from the past such as “Into the Ocean” and a two piece stripped down slow acoustic version of “Hate Me” for the first song in the encore. I can’t fail to mention the outstanding performance by Ryan Delahoussaya, as he captivated the audience with his electric violin.

I’ve been listening to the musical brilliance of Blue October for 20 years and can’t wait to hear new music and catch their next show.

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