Bleachers, 9/19/2015, Emo’s, Austin, TX


Written by Bang Ho


Bleachers played a sold out show at Emo’s that should have taken place at a bigger venue.  The show started appropriately with Jack Antonoff dressed in the admiral uniform seen on the cover of the Gone Now album cover behind a pulpit of huge Vox speakers.  Fans sang along to every song with the fervor of a stadium sized show, whether it was Jack’s other band fun. or an old or new Bleachers song.  Each song was a perfect story that was meticulously crafted lyrically and musically.  The dual drums played concurrently with the precision of a drum machine that resonated through every pore, building the backbone for the beat.  Bleachers have managed to take fun pop songs and kept them from being mere vapid dance tunes, injecting them with real subjects that are relatable and compelling.



Photos by James_ATX


Photos by Bang Ho