Andy Clockwise – SXSW 2016 Top 20


Andy Clockwise has a dark husky voice backed with guitar riffs, each song seems to showcase a different sound, from orchestral strings to new wave synths to disco drum beats.

From Wikipedia: Andy Clockwise (Born Andy Kelly) is an Australian-born musician, performer, writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Andy currently resides in Los Angeles. Clockwise likes to describe his style as “Schizo Pop”, while his musical genre is Indie/Pop. He has been compared to a mixture of LCD Soundsytem and Nick Cave. The tracks on his latest EP release “Dancing World” are reminiscent of a modern New Order anthem. Andy’s Clockwise’s 80s synth-pop is mixed with modern-day electronic. His sound is driven by soaring beats and brooding vocals, all delivered with rock and roll attitude. As vulture magazine put it, “Clockwise is very unlike much of what we’re seeing in current dance music …. He is refreshingly soulful experimental.”

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